Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, Change the World

Welcome to a new world. A world where love and compassion are steering our lives and reality to one where acceptance of our differences are celebrated and embraced.

I never could understand how one person can feel he is so right and good that he has the right to pass judgment on others and create the suffering of others, in the name of their God.

It is still my hope that they will fall in the background and no longer be the forefront of what is ‘right and good’.  I continue on my path with the hope that our love and compassion will continue to propel forward into a more beautiful acceptance and peaceful world for all people.

Always question, always ask yourself if you are a part of our solution or part of the issues that feed the fire of hate, fear and judgment for all.

We are all connected, and should always be working for the greater good of humankind.


Thank you for visiting my blog.  My goal is that somewhere in my words, you too will help manifest a greater future for our children and children’s children.  Somewhere, in your reading these experiences, that you too can change your thinking, change your life, which undoubtedly will help change our world.